Back on track!


GULF is back in the Champions League of racing – the Formula 1.

This season, the GULF colours can be seen on the McLaren racing team cars and shine in the starting grid.

This weekend, the drivers Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz are going on the hunt for points in Belgium. In the 6 races so far, they have scored 62 points for the traditional McLaren team, which has been competing in Formula 1 since 1966.

The current GULF-Eyewear collection also delivers a perfect performance.

Also, the GULF- Shades rely on high tech. The carbonfibre temples on Lorenzo and Jim convince by their lightness and with the spring hinge they provide the perfect grip and every turn. With the high-quality lenses you have your goal on sight in every situation.

Unfortunately, Formula 1 races cannot be followed directly on the track with the suitable sunglasses. But you can still quickly gain a bit of motorsport feeling.

The season is not over yet!