Summer, sun, sunshine – and sun protection!


The sunlenses of filter category 3 (Cat 3) in your GULF-Eyewear sunglasses protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays (UV 400). 100% of these detrimental UVA-, UVB-, UVC- and blue light rays up to 400 nm will be blocked. Your eyes are perfectly protected as long as you wear your GULF-Eyewear sunglasses.

Please keep in mind that also your sunglasses need protection, especially against big heat!

Please do not leave your sunglasses on the car dashboard. Due to the extremely high temperature behind the front shield, the frame can be deformed and when touvhgina metal frame, you may even slightly burn your hands.

For sure, you also protect your skin against sunlight. In case some suncream gets on your sunglasses, the best way to clean it is to wash the frame under running warm water with a little bit of dish liquid. Afterwards, please pat the sunglasses dry with a soft piece of cloth.

Being on the way, you can also use our microfibre bag for a quick cleaning. Please remove any impurities carefully by slight shaking or blowing dust and sand away. This way, you will avoid scratches and you will take long pleasure in your GULF-Eyewear sunglasses.


We wish you a nice summertime!