About our products

To which international standards do GULF sunglasses comply?

Gulf sunglasses comply with the following standards:

EN-ISO 12312-1:2013

EN 1836: 2005 + A1: 2007

AS/NSZ 1067: 2003 Amdt 1-2009

The sunglasses fulfill the Australian standard.

Our lenses filters out 100% of all UVA / UVB / UVC and harmful blue light up to 400 nm.

Their quality is continuously supervised.

What do I have to consider as allergic person?

Allergic reactions can never be ruled out by 100%.

Our frames do not emit any Nickel. This is guaranteed by the high quality surface treatment. Cellulosic acetate – as used on “Manfred” for example – is uncritical.

What do I have to keep in mind when using GULF sunglasses?

Please handle these high quality GULF sunglasses with care.

Carry these sunglasses – whenever possible – in the microfiber bag you received with the frame. It will avoid staining and can be used for cleaning the frame.

Please prevent contact to sand and rough surfaces – these can damage even our antiscratch-coated lenses.

Please do not expose the sunglasses to high temperature. Please do NOT put the frame into your car on the dashboard. The plastic parts on our frames are thermoplastic which deform under high temperature. In addition, this kind of material is aging faster when heated.

Out of which materials do GULF sunglasses consist?

GULF frames are made of different metals and thermoplastic materials. These materials are chosen with regard to their function und fulfill highest quality requirements. Details can be found in the description of our products in our webshop.

The chosen sunglasses‘ model is not available in our webshop – what to do?

GULF sunglasses are produced in a strictly limited edition. We regret in case one of our models or colours should not be available.

In this case, please send us a message. We will inform you in the unlikely event of a returned item which might then be available again.

Please subscribe to our newsletter which informs you on our new models.

Why can I not buy more than four products ?

Our shop mainly sells to end users. As our sunglasses are manufactured in limited quantities per model and due to the insurance cost for our shipments, we can only offer 4 pieces in one order and shipment. Thanks for your understanding.

Commercial customers are kindly reuqested to use the retail section of our shop.

How can I get my sunglasses glazed with corrective lenses?

All our sunglasses can easily be glazed with corrective lenses. Further Information can be found in our blog https://www.gulf-eyewear.com/corrective lenses/

Payment, shipping and withdrawal

Which way will my GULF sunglasses be dispatched?

Shipments  to destinations in Germany and abroad cause freight charges which you can see at any time and during the ordering process.

The freight charges depend from the insured order value.

For shipments to destinations abroad outside the European Union additional customs, taxes and other fees can apply which have to be paid by the customer.

Please note that for any express or cash on delivery shipment additional charges will occur, also for shipments in Germany.

Which way can I pay for my GULF sunglasses?

For the payment of your order, you may use the instant transfer, Pay Pal or cash on delivery.

What do I have to consider when the shipment goes to any country outside the EU?

Any shipment to countries outside the European Union may rise additional cost for freight and customs duties. We cannot foresee the amount and cannot pay for them. Please address yourself to your customs authorities for further information.

Can I return my GULF sunglasses?

Should your GULF sunglasses unexpectedly not fit or should you not like your frame, you may execute your right to cancel the order. For details, please check our General Terms and Conditions.

The frame must not be worn or damaged. The sunglasses have to be properly packed and your return shipment must include all items and accessories that you received from us. Please address your shipment to Tenelenti GmbH and use our return form to be found in www.gulf-eyewear.com/Widerruf_en.pdf. Please follow the advice of this return form.

Please also note that any return will rise corresponding charges for you.

My GULF sunglasses are defective – what to do?

Should you discover any defect on your GULF sunglasses, we apologize.

Please return the frame to us immediately including all items and accessories.

We will be assuming the implied warranty and will repair or replace the frame.

Can the billing address be different from the invoice address?

In case the delivery of your order shall go to a different address than the invoice, please type the corresponding address into the box “notes”.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this Service for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

How can I place my order as commercial customer?

For our commercial customers we have installed a retailer aera in our webshop. A registration with the VAT-identification number is necessary. After your registration you will have access to the retailer area and you can place your order there. To register, visit this link.