After acquisition of the eyewear license for the tradition brand GULF, we spent one year with design, development, tests and improvements of our frames. During this exciting period and in close cooperation with our manufacturers and partners some excellent models were born.

Each single model, shaped by our designer who has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the industry, has its own charm and style. Finally, our 4 exciting models „Jim“, „Jo“, „Lorenzo“ and „Manfred“ are the winners of a tough selection process.
Each model has a limited availability of 300 pieces – divided into 3 different colours. But this is not the only specialty of this first GULF-Eyewear collection. Each single frame has been checked by us before granting the original certificate and packing it. Thus, they are all one of a kind and reflect the distinctive features of the collection.
Also the accessories, the microfibre bag and the tin box have been designed and produced with the same care and attention. For GULF-Eyewear represents high value and exclusive sunglasses, designed and produced with passion which can’t wait to start their journey to our customers.