It was actually who to create the idea of the Champagne shower after the race?

After he won for the second time the class judgement of the 24 hours of Le Mans, the cork did not want to leave the bottle. So, he shaked the bottle. We are talking about the Swiss Formula 1 and sports car racer Joseph „Jo“ Siffert (* 7. July 1936 in Freiburg, Switzerland; † 24. October 1971 in Brands Hatch, United Kingdom). He did not know that by this spontaneous handling of a Champagne bottle, he established a winner’s tradition. The legendary GULF Porsche 917 of the John Wyer Automotive Team was driven by him, among others. Jo Siffert won with this car several long distance races of the sports car world championships in 1970 and 1971. His contact to Steve McQueen brought the blue-orange GULF Porsche to the screen. A genius marketing coup which made the brand famous. Siffert’s GULF overall was taken by Steve McQueen. The accessories were hotly on demand. They were finally produced for motorsport fans and thus, based the famousness of the brand GULF off the race courses.


We honour the name JO which was so closely linked to the GULF racing team, with our sunglasses.


Modern-retro and racing sport unified in our model JO. This cellulosic acetate frame with the perfect fitting has a highly flexible, condensed stainless steel slip-in temple. The GULF colours are to be found on the temple ends as a full material intarsia. To make this, small unicolour acetate material plates are laid into the basic material of the temple tip. These original colours are exclusivley produced for our frames. They are homogeneously joint – no abrasion, no bleaching. In addition, the GULF logo disc and the checkered flag on the temples enrich this exclusive style.