For sure, your new GULF-Eyewear sunglasses suits you wonderfully!

Wearing new sunglasses somtimes feels as if the frame does not perfectly fit the nose. Should this be the case for you, please get your frame adjusted – this is possible without any problem.

Our GULF-Eyewear sunglasses are made to fit the socalled standard head. In most faces, they will fit well right from the beginning. Still, heads and faces are individual. Finally, you are not somebody – therefore, your sunglasses might need a personal adaption and adjustment.


Just in case your GULF-sunglasses pinches, please visit the optician of your confidence. He is able to adjust the bending at the end of the temples in case the temples are too loose or do not fit tightly enough. Also opening angle of the temples can be increased or reduced. One more important point is the alignment of temples and front part – this can also be corrected if necessary. And in case the nosepads do not feel comfortable, their position of fitting can be corrected in a way that the frame is pleasantly easy to wear. Just as it should be.

Usually, this service is free of charge even if you are not a regular customer for your optician – which you might be in future.


The high-quality components of our GULF-Eyewear sunglasses do conform to the highest standards for correction frames. Thus, a good adaption and adjustment is no problem at all.


Please give our regards to your optician!